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Shorter domain names aren’t better For ranking Or seo

Shorter domain names aren’t better For ranking Or seo

According “Google’s John Mueller” said that having a shorter call or a shorter URL isn’t always attending to benefit you in terms of your search engine optimization and ranking in Google search. He stated on Twitter “area name or URL duration is not an detail , adding that “shorter is not higher for search engine optimization.”
He additionally stated “i will see how people mustly like quick & candy domains, however there’s actually no search engine optimization bonus attached to them like that.”

There may be one other factor he made that Google makes use of “period gently for canonicalization, but it truly is selecting among 2 variations of the same element (eg, /domestic/ vs /home/index.Html).” We protected this in 2016 while Google said they prefer to canonicalize to the shorter URL.

Google has said in the past that URL period isn’t a ranking element however said to undertake to live it beneath 2,000 characters at one factor in time.

Right here are the tweets referenced here:
Google: Shorter domain names are not higher For ranking Or seo

See the Tweets

Google Shorter domains are not higher For rating Or seo

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