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PUBG Mobile India BIG update: In 1 Minute, User can Download APK files on Android phone

PUBG Mobile India BIG update: In five seconds, gamers can download APK files on Android phone

Basant Singh Sisir (TECH, Tips , Tricks,Hacks & Reviews)
Tuesday, February 9,2021
By Basant Singh Sisir

PUBG Mobile India has been banned ever since September 2020 but there is a method of getting PUBG Mobile India on your mobile. (Image credit: PUBG Mobile India Facebook)
PUBG Mobile India can be downloaded on Android phones using this simple hack and a bit of VPN magic as the game continues to be banned in India.
PUBG Mobile India has been banned in India ever since September 2020. Along with 118 Chinese apps, PUBG Mobile India was one of the popular games to be banned in a digital surgical strike by the Government of India. For many months, PUBG Mobile India has been sending out teasers with plans of relaunching the game around the New Year time. However, all these updates and fake news peddled by PUBG Mobile India influencers was undone when the Government of India bluntly stated that no permission has been given to PUBG Mobile India for a relaunch. However, after months and months of trying, there is finally a legit way to play PUBG Mobile India. No, it is not fake news. There is a technological loophole through which PUBG Mobile India can be played on Android phones.
This technological loophole has ensured that the enforcement of the ban by the Government of India is actually not total. PUBG Mobile India can be played by using the magic of VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN has often been used to bypass strict cybersecurity rules and they have often helped gamers connect online. VPN always ensures that the ban on PUBG Mobile India is not total. Currently, talks between PUBG Mobile India and the Government of India have not taken place and there are reports of a relaunch around March 2021 although that date is also not confirmed. Here are the steps by which one can play PUBG Mobile India in India through VPN.
Step 1: Download any free VPN app from the Google Play Store

Step 2: The most important step. Once the VPN is downloaded, set that location anywhere other than India

Step 3: Open Google Chrome or any browser on your phone and then head to the PUBG Mobile global

Step 4: The site will open with the APK Download link pasted on the top. Click on the APK Download link and start the download. 

Step 5: File size is 624 MB. However, this update will only be available on Android phones and not on the iPhone. If you want to enhance downloading speed, you can turn off the VPN midway.
Step 6: You can download the files and then you can start playing. You can even sync it with your social media accounts. It is true.
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