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IMEI/ESN/MEID Registration Is Going Online In Nepal Up to Sharwan 1.

 IMEI/ESN/MEID Registration Is Going Online In Nepal Up to Sharwan 1.

What Does NTA mean?

NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) is the regulatory frame for the Telecommunication zone in Nepal. They have the authority to adjust, reveal Telecommunication offerings, internet services within the country. They also offer licenses to the involved companies for the Telecom and internet offerings.

After the resignation of NTA chairman Mr. Digambar Jha, government assigned Mr. Purushottam Khanal as the performing chairman of the body with full authority.

NTA also provides the required frequency spectrum for the operation of numerous WiFi/cell offerings like GSM (2G, 3G, 4G), CDMA, WiMAX, broadband net, Microwave hyperlink, satellite tv for PC Link and more.

There are currently 6 Telecom groups and 35 net carrier providers within the USA. As according to the Frequency policy (Spectrum allocation and pricing), they’re going to provide spectrum to telecom operator via Spectrum public sale technique.

There are numerous prices to be paid through the provider vendors to the regulator like Frequency prices, Renewal charges, Royalty charges and fee for RTDF. NTA has stated they will cancel the licenses of the operator who isn’t capable of pay the ones pending fees in a while.

NTA collects 2 percentage of the yearly income of the telecom operators, to apply for the extension and operation of the Telecommunications carrier inside the rural areas. They name it as RTDF (Rural Telecommunication improvement Fund). Currently, they’re the usage of this fund for numerous projects like Optical fiber enlargement challenge, ICT centers, net services in rural regions.

The regulator have began several tasks for the improvement and tracking of the Telecom region. But some of them have no substantial update now. Here are some of them

•Infrastructure Sharing

•Cellular device control device OR EIR gadget.

•Mobile digital community Operator (MDCO)

•NTA great monitoring and compensation

•Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
•Beautification of cities by way of disposing of wires and cables.

•TeleComs Merger coverage

NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority), the telecom regulator of Nepal has started Online registration of mobile telephones. To forestall illegal phones from working and assist people song their misplaced telephones, they have got began this registration on line now. The IMEI registration would also help to deter the grey telephone marketplace within the united states.

Even though it is already illegal to sell and sell grey phones in the marketplace, there’s nonetheless a big marketplace for such gray phones in Nepal. And it is also very without problems available within the marketplace, that the stores fell with none fear.

Now that the regulator has began this IMEI registration, they’ll make the unlawful telephones now not operational to the cellular community in Nepal. It’ll take the time to forestall those mobile phones from working with Nepali telecom operators. For now, NTA is the use of a manual workflow to address the database gadget with that of Telecoms like Ntc, Ncell, clever cellular. But later, they will have a full-fledged gadget for the smartphone database gadget with the upcoming MDMS (cell device control device).

To release or promote a cellphone formally calls for registering IMEI in NTA. Million of phones had been registered until now in NTA. Human beings can also register for his or her gadgets (delivered from different countries). Now, NTA goes to prevent the unregistered phones to paintings with Nepal’s mobile network. The cell telephones, delivered using official channels (the legal ones), can handiest connect with the mobile network. This will be a big encouragement to all those companies, organizations who promote their cellular officially. Ultimately, this may shut down the complete gray market

#.Mobile device management system (MDMS) in Nepal

The sale of smartphones through the grey market has been primary a hassle in Nepal for a long term. In case you’re unusual with the term, gray market essentially refers to the distribution/sales of legit goods through unofficial channels. As a result, the government misses out on capability revenue at the same time as the legitimate importers lose their business.

To nullify this hassle, Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) made IMEI registration obligatory. And now for the equal motive, the mobile tool control device could be implemented in Nepal. Clearly, MDMS became already supposed to pass stay from Jestha 2078.

Talking at an occasion held for the twenty third anniversary of NTA, Mr. Purushottam Khanal (Chairman, NTA) had introduced the implementation of MDMS from Jestha. However, the second one wave of Covid-19 appears to have posed an trouble with this timetable.

•Sign up your handset’s IMEI at NTA

•To facilitate this technique, NTA had started on-line IMEI registration to make things less difficult for the users.

•So as to sign up your phone in the database, click here.

•After filing the Form, you’ll receive an E-Mail acknowledging your request for IMEI registration.

•As soon as NTA completes the background look at, it’s going to either dis/approve the application.

•To check in case your phone is registered, you can visit this link.

Here, NTA had made IMEI registration compulsory in April 2016. It had even said that the telephones with unregistered IMEI numbers might become dysfunctional from April 1, 2017. However, mentioning various motives, the business enterprise selected not to take the movement.


But, the online IMEI registration device has no longer absolutely nullified the trouble. For that reason, to do so, NTA were planning on imposing cellular device control system (MDMS) for quite some time now. We have been hearing about its development in bits and pieces on occasion with indistinct info regarding its inevitable availability.

And now, the professional declaration at some stage in the finances speech for the financial 12 months 2078/seventy nine has in the end furnished the precise date as to while the device will cross live: Shrawan 1, 2078 (July sixteen, 2021).

•Earlier than That initially We realize 

#.How to discover your phone’s IMEI Number?

•Right here’s the way to locate your IMEI Number for your telephone

You need to understand the IMEI Number first before registering your cellular phone. The IMEI quantity of formally imported cellular telephones is to start with registered with the aid of the uploading corporation.

The IMEI numbers of mobile phones that came as gifts from abroad and were bought in my opinion and illegally imported aren’t registered. Some of the mobiles sold in Nepal may not have IMEI wide variety registration.

The IMEI Number of the older smartphone isn’t always registered in any respect. Because it has been 3 and a 1/2 years given that NTA started registering IMEI. So it would be clever to discover the IMEI number of your cell and register.

For that, the cell consumer might be able to see the IMEI number in their mobile by means of dialing ‘* # 06 #’ on their cell. If the cell supports simplest one SIM, it suggests best one IMEI number.

•If two SIMs are wanted then there are two IMEI numbers. If there are , both IMEI numbers ought to be registered with the authority.

#.How to understand if the IMEI Number is registered or no longer?

To realize whether or not to check in or now not, it’s far important to find out in case your cell’s IMEI variety is registered inside the authority’s device. To do so, the primary click in this link.S It has an alternative known as ‘recognise Your tool’.

By going to that choice, you can find out in case your mobile’s IMEI wide variety is presently registered or not.

Important Tips:-

#.If Your Mobile is New Then Click on New Importer and Fill The Form.

#.If your Mobile Is already Used  Fill Your Form In Individual Application

•IMEI Number registration technique:

In case your cell smartphone isn’t IMEI registered, you could register it Online. To check in your mobile IMEI Number  , visit this hyperlink and join up first. As soon as you sign up, you’ll see ‘New Importer‘ and ‘character utility‘ options.

The Government’s Anounced A Notice Regarding As👇👇

Information on registration of IMEI / ESN / MEID of imported mobile sets for personal use. In order to make the use and sale of mobile handsets more systematic and regular, the identification number of mobile handsets IMEI / ESN / MEID (Unique Identifier) ​​is mandatory The following information has been published for the general public regarding the registration of IMEI / ESN / MEID of mobile handsets imported from abroad for personal use. 

The following: 

1. When importing a mobile handset from abroad for personal use, the IMEI / ESN / MEID of the mobile handset can be registered by submitting a copy of the application and citizenship or any other identity card in the format as per Annex-2 of the NEIR Interim Directive implemented by the Authority. 

2. The Interim Directory and the application format are available on the Authority’s website at http://www.nta.gov.np

3. For the convenience of the general public, the applicant can fill the application form to register the IMEI / ESN / MEID of the mobile handset and send it to the email address of the authority eir@nta.gov.np. 

4. IMEI / ESN / MEID can be registered online through eir.nta.gov.np. from Nepal.

You have to move inside through clicking on the character utility. There you will discover a firm. Fill in the required records on the form. Additionally, post a scanned copy of any legit identification card supplied with the aid of the authorities.

After that, NTA will take a look at and check in based at the available records. In the case of industrial importers, type approval is needed first. Upon getting the type approval, the IMEI variety of the device they may be going to convey must be made available to the authority.

The importing organization gets the IMEI of the cell tool it is about to convey earlier than uploading the goods.

Inside the case of an importer, NTA offers a consumer identity and password. The importer can go to this hyperlink and login with the equal consumer identity and password. There’s a facility from taking kind approval to importing an IMEI number.

As quickly as the IMEI range is uploaded, the application may be made to NTA. Primarily based at the utility, the machine tests whether the IMEI variety is legitimate or no longer. IMEI Number is registered in NTA’s steam only after you have everything.

When you have any technical problem or want more facts inside the on line registration procedure, you may call the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal on 01-4255474.

#.So, what takes place next?

Anyway, after the implementation of MDMS, illegally bought cell phones will no longer be operable. Therefore, it will efficaciously put an end to the sale of smartphones from illegal channels.

SO in case you’RE planning ON shopping for A telephone via CHANNELS manner IN NEPAL, reconsider YOUR circulate.

Here, MDMS is a centralized government-owned machine to hold a report of any and all phones and similar electronic add-ons that input the us of a—thru their particular IMEI quantity(s). This consists of smartphones, function telephones, bar telephones, drugs, and many others. So, any gadget with SIM, basically. After its implementation:

*Phones now not registered at NTA (illegal/grey imports) may be blocked from any and all carrier networks in Nepal.

This means that you may be capable of use other functions of the phone like connect to WiFi, circulation movies, and so on. Making/taking phone calls and messages won’t be feasible.

Consider it as iPhone vs iPod contact. IPhone is how your unregistered tool is proper now whilst it’ll rework to iPod touch once MDMS goes live. No cell connectivity even as the entirety else you’d assume from a telephone will paintings perfectly fine.

And if and while you lose such phones, you gained’t be eligible to report a police grievance both. Furthermore, due to the fact you’re the usage of an unregistered device, you will be issue to punishable actions as in step with the existing law.

#.How did mobile device management System (MDMS) in Nepal come to be?

This undertaking become initiated back in 2018 and tendered to OSI Consultancy (India), Numera SDN. BHD. (Malaysia), and Namaste global Communications (Singapore). The fee of constructing this device is expected at a bit over 7 million USD. As you’d anticipate, this system will only understand those imports that have observed the due diligence and permit their operation.

All the professional telephone distributors/importers will sign up their devices in MDMS. However, illegally imported devices can be successfully blocked from any country wide telecom operator’s network. And like I stated in advance, the events involved in such activities can also be problem to prison action as described via the existing regulation.

In the case of smartphones talented from abroad, you’ll should pay a nominal fee to register them into the system. But, the precise policy regarding that is nevertheless inside the works. So the nitty-gritty details will pass public within the coming days.

Moreover, the cellular tool control device may also permit you to track your device in case of loss/robbery. All in all, the advent of MDMS is thrilling information for the Nepalese smartphone marketplace. Not simply the distributors, it’s going to additionally be fruitful to the cease customers.

#.Why IMEI registration in Nepal?

Presently, cell importers must pay 13% VAT and a pair of.

5% excise obligation on cellular imports. Moreover, the government has reduced the proportion of VAT return to 0% this yr. 

Hence, it isn’t unexpected that the smartphones bought from the gray marketplace come at a cheap rate due to the fact that they efficaciously pass paying both fees.

In keeping with Nepal Mobile vendors association (NMDA), the gray market covers around 25% of the overall phone market in Nepal. Proper now, there may be an boom within the call for for mobile phones.

#.You can even activate or block your already registered phones via this portal.

NTA has already decided to make the IMEI registration mandatory, both through telephone importers or individuals. IMEI is a unique identifier of a handset, which is used to pick out a cellphone globally. It is also used by telephone corporations, telecom operators, government for several functions. Customers also want to keep this IMEI quantity which can be used to music the telephone if lost/stolen. You may also find this IMEI wide variety inside the cover box of each phone.

#.TeleComs to co-operate NTA with this IMEI registration?

Despite the fact that NTA will begin this procedure, it would now not be feasible if the telecom operators block those illegal phones from operating of their cellular network. So, this database that resides at NTA, need to be synchronous with what the telecom operators have. Also, they need to be capable of block it as according to the requirement or clients complain about stolen or lost phones.

Because the telephones are large in number, they ought to do it thru some automated manner rather than manual. This could manifest with the MDMS assignment that NTA is working on now. The centralized EIR will keep the database at NTA with the consumer/Importer and additionally keep manipulate in the EIR of the operators. So, it’ll be advantageous to sign up, music, query, and block those phones thru IMEI easily. Additionally examine. Registration of IMEI by using EIR system and its advantages.

#.Benefits And Advantage of IMEI Number registration.

•On-line registration makes mobile groups or authorized ones do it without problems and with none hassle.

•People can register for his or her phones without problems.

•People also can track or block their phones through IMEI, ESN, or MEID if it is misplaced.

•Grey market phones will go down, which inspires extra reliable brands and channels.

•Mobile payments might be comfy with the identification database of every proprietor.

So, if you have a cellphone introduced from abroad, you can sign up it in your personal call. So, later if NTA does a few form of settlement with global regulator, then the NTA database can also blacklist those across the world blocked telephones. This manner, the settlement phones or fake misplaced phones brought from other countries might not even work in Nepal at that point.

#.File extent of phone imports

The modern record from Customs branch says that 6.35 million telephones really worth RS. 32.09 billion have been imported in the first 10 months of the financial year 2077/seventy eight—the best ever in the records of the country. And thinking about this happened all through an energetic pandemic, the impressiveness of this report turns into exponential.

To compare, the volume of smartphone imports amounted to simply Rs. 14.68 billion at some stage in the identical time period the year earlier than. As you may inform, this 2.18x increment is huge news for Nepal’s cellphone industry and an indicator of the efficacy of IMEI registration to discourage grey imports.

Furthermore, monetary transactions via smartphones have elevated too. Due to this, leaving the smartphone gray marketplace unchecked will best result in its growth because of high demand. And that is a severe concern for the professional distributors. Consequently, NMDA is determined for the implementation of the MDMS.

Not handiest that, cellular phone Importers association (MPIA) and NMDA had been slapping holograms within the cellphone’s container to help customers perceive legit imports. So optimistically, the trouble of mobile sales via the grey marketplace will go away quickly. But, all of it relies upon upon the extent of implementation from NTA.

#.WHy Government Implement This Rule?

At the finances declaration for the economic 12 months 2078/79 held the day past, Finance Minister Mr. Bishnu Prasad Paudel announced that cellular tool control device (MDMS) will be implemented from Shrawan 1, 2078 in Nepal. This device will help control the illegal import of smartphones in Nepal.

“Tell us in case you are capable of sign in your phone IMEI at the NTA portal? Please placed your feedback for the upcoming MDMS device with a view to block gray telephones from running in Nepal.”

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